Professor Chad Mirkin’s Laboratory at Northwestern University is currently seeking motivated, highly qualified postdoctoral fellows to lead research initiatives to develop cancer immunotherapy using nanoplatform termed spherical nucleic acids (SNAs). The ideal candidate will be proficient with the following:

  • Handling of mice, tumor tissue and cell extractions.
  • Strong background in cellular and molecular immunology and cancer biology, specifically of the brain, pancreas, and breast.
  • Demonstrated experience widely used immunological tools and assays such as flow cytometry, FACS, extraction and analysis of splenocytes with antibodies, analysis of immune system cell stimulation and proliferation.
  • Demonstrated expertise in immunology and molecular biology, as supported by peer-reviewed publications. Experience in the subjects of mouse tumor models, including syngeneic and transgenic models, and the generation of vectors and transformed cell lines (designed to probe humanized characteristics of tumors and immune system cells) are essential.

Importantly, the ideal candidate is eager to learn and discover new forefronts of nanomedicine, highly collaborative, and self-sufficient but team-oriented individual.

Research in the Mirkin lab is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative. The research in this position will involve close interaction with investigators at the NCI, including periods of on-site research at the NCI laboratories at the NIH in MD.  The Mirkin group includes researchers from the fields of chemistry, biology, materials science, and physics. Research topics center on the control of molecules and materials at the nanometer length scale, the development of methods to characterize and pattern such materials, and the use of these materials in medicine for diagnostics and therapeutics, in optoelectronics, and in catalysis.

All highly qualified applicants will be considered, particularly those who are recent Ph.D. graduates or expect to receive a degree within 6 months.

To apply, please email a cover letter, CV, and references (including contact information) to Prof. Chad A. Mirkin (